Friday, October 28, 2011

World Youth U16 Olympiad - Round 6

Malaysia put up a creditable score against Kazahkstan losing 1.5-2.5.

The sole win was posted by Yeoh Li Tian and Wong JianWen did us proud by drawing against his higher rated opponent. Sadly Eng Chiam lost his game as did Elgin.

Malaysia now drops down to shared 9-10th placing. We meet England Switzerland in the next round. I predict a win loss though it will be a narrow one.

The final position of Li Tian's game is interesting. I am not sure if Black resigned or lost on time

Black to move
Despite having the move - and a check at that - black cannot avoid losing material.White is threatening 1. Ne6+ forking the bishop or 1. Ne3+ forking the rook. Play might continue 1...Rxg2+ 2. Kh3 Re2 3. Ne6+ and wins the bishop

Today is a free day and rounds 7 and 8 will resume on Saturday. Standings after round six below.


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