Wednesday, October 26, 2011

World Youth U16 Olympiad - Round 4

After four rounds, Malaysia have a 50% score and tied for 12th-16th place. In the fourth round,we drew 2-2 with Syria. Yeoh Li Tian and Yeap Eng Chiam delivered the wins. As I said, I expect this two to deliver the points. Especially Eng Chiam on board four should be very effective except against the very top teams.

Round 5 is now in progress and Malaysia is paired with one of the three Turkish teams. The Turkey team is much lower-rated than our players so on paper we should win by a comfortable margin.

JianWen is resting in the on-going round 5 match so Li Tian moves up to board one. He has a slight edge over his Turkish opponent.and I think he should convert into a win. All the other boards are still in the early middle-game and not clear.


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