Sunday, October 30, 2011

Malaysia beats Georgia 2.5-1.5 !

Malaysia has beaten Georgia in the eight round of the World Youth U16 Olympiad in Izmit, Turkey.

On the first board, JianWen's queen got too adventurous and found herself trapped in enemy territory.

Roshan Singh equalled the score when he beat Georgia's N.Khormeriki. Roshan demonstrated the black square weaknesses around the black king. Exchanging into a opposite colored bishop with major pieces, black had no defence to the march of the h-pawn. Nice play from Roshan.

Elgin Lee had a big advantage but somehow slipped into a queen and bishop versus queen and knight ending. Still he had the advantage of an outside passed pawn but agreed a draw in the position below.

Elgin Lee-Snadirashvili
Black's only chance is to create threats against the white king otherwise white will just push his passed pawn. 31...h3+ 32. Kh1 Nd3! 33. Bg1 (33.Qxd3 Qb7+ 34 Kh2 Qg2 mate) Qc2 and black have sufficient counter-chances e.g 34. b6 Qd1! (Threatens discovered attack on the white queen) 35. Kh2? Qe2+ 36. Kh1 h2! 37. Bxh2  Qf1+ 38. Bg1 Nf2+ 39 Kh2 Qh3 mate. So a draw was not a bad result.

Eng Chiam had the better game but was in serious time trouble (at one point down to two minutes against opponent's half hour). Despite this, he managed to play extremely well  exchange a pair of rooks followed by the queen to reach a bishop pair against bishop and knight ending. His opponent ended up in more serious time trouble (!) and started losing pawns.Eng Chiam converted the win easily. Amazing.

With Eng Chiam's win, Malaysia beat Georgia 2.5-1.5. Although Georgia is seeded 11th just below Malaysia, this can be considered an upset as Georgia has a long history of chess compared with Malaysia. Well done boys!


Yeoh said...

Hi Jimmy,

1. yes, it's a WOW!

2. playing a strong team, Jian Wen played his role very well in trying to hold in the top board. In difficult position, he managed to set-up some stubborn defense, bringing the N from a8-f8 to cover his weakness!

3. Then came Roshan beautiful win to equalize. Very important point to keep the team in the fight.

4. Agreed that Elgin game is slightly better. But at that critical moment, both players were in serious time trouble, while EngChaim's game had already in control. So i think decided to draw is a very wise decision!

5. Eng Chaim is sick actually, but he played like GM in this game! His Q+B took control the b8-h2 diagonal, but initially the B was in front of Q. Amazing to see how he "pusing-pusing" until they swapped!

6. I would say it is a beautifully played match in TEAM event, it kind of gave me impression each boy knows their role very well and played a nice combination to score the goal!

7. Congratulations!


Jimmy Liew said...

And of course we should not forget the man who secretly steered the team to such success, the Zhu Geliang behind the boy's team!

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