Tuesday, October 4, 2011


The madman continues his agenda of "divide and conquer".

He invited me to unmask him and I have. Most of you will know by now but for the new-comers here are the lies and hypocrisy. If someone lied and cheated, can we trust him not to do so again? Think.

Claimed Lim Zhuo Ren and Sumant as his students. But both have made it clear in black and white that they are not. I always wondered what someone who has not pushed a pawn or pressed the button on a chess clock, what can they teach to real chess-players?

All comments which are unfavourable (and all are) do not see the light of day on his blog to make it seem that he has a lot of supporters.

All these evidence are present for those who  can see.  But he can resort to innuendos and lies without supporting evidence. I said it before and let me say it again. I still invite anybody who have a shred of evidence to prove that I "attacked" any "training program etc etc etc" to come forth and show everyone. 

People who lied and supported cheating have no moral grounds to even mention the term "moral compass". Or do they?


Tonberry said...

his style his syiok sendiri.

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