Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Topalov wins game 8

Topalov has won game 8 of the world championship match with Anand to level the score at 4-4. There are four more games to go and all bets are off on who will be ahead after twelve games.

I was very surprised to learn this morning of Anand's loss. I retired to bed with the position in a rook and bishop versus rook and bishop ending with the bishops of opposite color. I fully expected another draw. True, Anand was about to lose a pawn but you do not lose an opposite coloured bishop ending because of a pawn minus.

The opening was a repeat of games three and five. Anand played a Slav defence but deviated from the early games, playing 13...Rc8. I guess it is just to avoid any Topalov preparation after the earlier two games where he played 13...a6. White maintained a slight edge all the way before black gave a pawn to get to an opposite coloured bishop ending. Surprisingly, Anand resigned early instead of playing to the end. Perhaps he feels he needs to conserve his energy for the remaining four games.

They will take a rest today. The ninth game will resume on Thursday, 6th May.


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