Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Anand - Topalov , 12th Game (updated)

The world championship match between Anand and challenger Topalov continues tonight at 8:00 PM local time. This will be the last game with long time controls. Both players are tied with 5.5-5.5, winner takes the world title home.

Anand had his chance with white in game eleven on Sunday. For the first time in the match a non-queen pawn opening was played. Anand opened 1.c4 and the game continued with a English Opening. Some people think that Anand was lucky to hold the draw in that game.

So far nobody has won with black and I do not see it happening in the last game. Anand has not impressed with his blacks either. If he holds the draw, then the match goes to rapids. Everybody seems to think Anand has the edge over Topalov in faster games.

Will Topalov deviate just like Anand with his last white? Topalov might just play 1.e4 for the first time in the match if he thinks he cannot match Anand in the rapids and have to win the last game at all cost.

Updated - 11:065 PM

Topalov made two blunders on 31st and 32nd move and Anand is poised to win this game and retain his world title.

Topalov's king is exposed on h4 square and with major pieces on the board, I do not see how he can survive.

After 38...Rxg4+ 39. Kh3 , Anand has to find a winning move. Possible is 39...Rf7 , if 40. Rxf7 Bg2+ wins the white queen. Maybe there is something better, Anand is still thinking..

39...Re7 played, Anand threatens ..Rxe3+ and ...Rh4+ mating


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