Monday, May 3, 2010

Nicholas wins 2010 Selangor Open

The 2010 Selangor Open was won by Nicholas Chan with a half point lead. This is Nicholas third Selangor Open win.

Here is the final ranking list (top 20 only)

Rank SNo. Name Rtg FED Pts BH. Position
1 1 Chan, Nicholas 2398 MAS 53CHAMPION
2 2 Liew, Chee-Meng-Jimmy (V) 2315 MAS7 51½2ND
3 5 Wahiduddin, Kamalarifin 2122 MAS7 49½3RD
4 21 Yeoh, Li Tian (12) 1971 MAS 494TH
5 4 Loo, Swee Leong 2162 MAS 475TH
6 25 Zulkifli, Muhd Syazwan 1916 MAS 466TH
7 23 Tan, Ken Wei 1957 MAS 467TH
8 3 Udani, Ian 2286 PHI6 538TH
9 10 Wahiduddin, Mohd Khair 2088 MAS6 529TH
10 15 Ismail, Ahmad 2033 MAS6 50½10TH
11 17 Ahmad Fadzil Nayan 1995 MAS6 48½
12 18 Cheah, Cheok Fung 1988 MAS6 46
13 28 Fong, Yit San 1856 MAS6 45½
14 16 Fong, Choong Ee 2013 MAS 48
15 26 Low, Jun Jian 1907 MAS 47½
16 12 Mohamed, Abdul Haq 2057 MAS 47
17 7 Yusof, Kamaluddin 2104 MAS 47
18 27 Azhar, Muhd Syakir Shazmeer 1859 MAS 44½
19 6 Nik, Nik Ahmad Farouqi 2108 MAS5 51
20 13 Lim, Zhuo Ren 2055 MAS5 50½

I was surprised during the closing to hear Tse Pin announce that I had the most number of Selangor Open wins, eight in total. I thought I might have won only seven times but hey, I may have stopped counting at some stage :)

The key game was my game against Nicholas in the fifth round. I knew this probably will decide the championship and went for a win with black pieces. But Nicholas was the better player that day.

The top seeds more or less confirmed their seeding with the exception of Ian Udani. Ian drew a winning game against Nicholas in the eight round. Hairulov has a good analysis of the key position. Ian unfortunately had to meet Wahiduddin Kamalarifin in the final game with both in a do or die situation which he lost after a long battle.

Youngster Yeoh Li Tian continued his good tournament results with a fourth placing. He won six games, losing only to Nicholas and the third placed Kamalarifin and drawing the last round with black against Loo Swee Leong (fifth place). A fascinating game with both sides going for each other's king ending in perpetual check. After the game, Li Tian showed how white could avoid the perpetual and win!

I really like the newly renovated DAT Chess Center which served as the venue for this year's Selangor Open. The centre is bigger now after taking over the restaurant next door. There is plenty of space for larger tournaments like this. It is also easier to watch the games without disturbing the players. The location is good with nearly LRT (Light Transit Railway) and ample parking in the building except for working hours.

The only drawback is the thumping beat of the music coming from a disco downstairs. The music is so loud, I had some trouble in one of my games converting a ending with a piece up! Thankfully, this only starts late at night.


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The mark of a to bounce back after a disastrous tournament beforehand..

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