Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Anand wins, retains title

Anand won the final 12th game last night to retain his world chess title. The last game was quite surprisingly won by black. In all previous games, black has always been struggling to draw. All won games had always been by the player with the white pieces.

The opening was a Queen's Indian Declined. Topalov took one of his rooks to the queen-side. Anand quickly reacted in the centre playing ...e5 and ...f5. Anand was helped by horrible moves from Topalov on his 31st and 32nd move. I completely do not understand how Topalov could play a move like 32. fxe4, allowing the bishop on b7 to come alive. After that the result was never in doubt.

Anand can now take a deserved rest. His next defence of the title does not come till 2012.


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