Friday, May 14, 2010

Shoutbox gems

Most blogs allow feedback in the form of a shoutbox. Mostly the comments are bland interpersed with self promotion from our own Stone Master and his various incarnations.

But once a while, we can get some comments which are amusing to read and some so unintentionally funny they really crack me up. You can find some real gems if you are really paying attention.

It really is a waste to see them disappear so I decided to collect them up here (bad spelling and all) for posterity and your amusement. My comments in italics. Enjoy.

# 1
Guest: I pun fed up. give up & 7up, but up2date haha

# 2

Guest: who is this yat? I will look out for him and beat him.

yat: y suddenly my name mention..-.-

# 3
Guest: Get a life.

Mat Crack: What life, get a file is better, open the file is the best

# 4
(on charging fees for rating events)
CH: why keep on charging, we are not batteries

# 5
Danial: I doesnt play NAG

Guest: im not playing at NAG not i doesnt play!! wat grammer r u using

Danial: yeah, bad.geez,need to learn grammar again.

EnglishTeacher: No. You are both wrong. It's " I did not play at the National Age Group"

Danial: It looks like my grammar need to be repair.OMG

# 6
(on MCF selection guidelines)
Guest: I am beginning to hate the words "President's Choice"

# 7
(in response to Gilachess "tin can" project)
Mr.No nonsense: ya, wheres the result. wats all about the tin can, u 1 2 drink!!

# 8
(on race based tournaments)
Guest: I find it really hard to not play the race card, but unfornately the deck is filled with jokers.

# 9
CH: It is not difficult to become a GM

# 10
Eloman: Jimmy already said that I'm not sm, haiyah....


abdooss said...

Haha :) very funny, Jimmy..

Jimmy Liew said...

Glad someone liked it :)

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