Monday, March 1, 2010

The Shoutbox Attack

It is not a new opening variation, rather an off the board kind of attack.

When I wrote the post on the Women Masters Selection I had no idea so many others have the same point of view.

It looks like there are many chess lovers who are concerned with the Malaysian chess scene but are unable or do not want to be speak up publicly.

This is proved by the many comments on the shoutbox on this blog as well as other blogs like DATCC. Shoutbox does not require identity verification, the poster can pretty much use any name he/she likes. Unfortunately this allows the unscrupulous to impersonate others.

There are also those who under the shadow of anonymity, takes the opportunity to embark on highly personal attacks directed at MCF Secretary, Gregory Lau. While I disagree with his choice of the participants, I do so in the spirit of positive criticism and I do not condone the way that Greg has been vilified. As of this morning I have removed most comments which I think have no value nor of benefit to chess.

On the positive side, there are some who gave their view of the selection, which I happened to agree with. I will continue to write down these thoughts in Part 5 of the Future of Malaysian Chess series.


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