Monday, March 22, 2010

Malays only tournament poll

Gilacatur set up a poll to vote hereon whether readers support such a racial based chess tournament. "Adakah anda sokong diadakan 'Kejohanan Catur Tertutup Melayu' oleh Kelab Catur Jaffolea pada bulan Jun nanti" (translation: "Do you support the Malay Closed Chess Championship by Jaffolea Chess Club this coming June")

I put in my votes and got the results so far. Out of 59 votes, 4 is "dont care" (tidak kisah/tidak peduli). The majority is against it but to my surprise there is 36% voting for Yes (Ya).

Maybe this is ala the NEP (National Economic Policy) rationale,  we need NEP because the Malays are unable to compete against other races. I feel like throwing up now, so I'll just stop writing here.


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