Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Another new Malaysian chess blog

This morning I saw another new chess blog which just started yesterday. I read the first post and already hooked. There is an air of mystery about our new blogger. He does not identify himself but gives some clues -  around since the early 90s,  represented Malaysia several times, still plays competitively today - aarrgh I still cannot figure out who he/she is!. More clues, more clues!

This blogger has confidence in him/herself - "my opinions are based on my experience and skill in chess, of which I know have much more than the average blogger" -, has a nice little niche for his blog - my opinion the crap that people throw around in the Malaysian chess scene today, tomorrow, the day after and so on.

I think he read my  7 reasons why you should not start a chess blog and decided all those reasons did not apply to him/her :) All in all a very promising new blog!

His blog is here


Anonymous said...

The way he expressed in the article sound familiar. Not many players in Msia hv that kind of well-rounded resources. My guess: He was your ex-comrade in Olympiad team before.
Could be a new clue?

Jimmy Liew said...

Very true. Yes, he could be...he already said he represented the country before. I dont have time right now to reason out who he is :)

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