Friday, March 12, 2010

MCF Selection Guidelines is out

Malaysian Chess Federation has published its guidelines for selection to all international tournaments. You can read it here These guidelines take effect from this month - March 2010.

MCF has finally formed a Selection Committee. Very good. The current committee are
Chairman - Tan Sri Ramli Bin Ngah Talib
Deputy Chairman - Hj Ibrahim A. Bakar
Secretary - Mr. Gregory Lau
Committee members - Pn. Haslindah Ruslan , En. Abd Hamid Majid, Hj Ibrahim Yaacob Committee

For team events like the Olympiad and Asian Team Championships, the top four from the mens and womens Malaysian Masters will be chosen. A fifth choice will be at the discretion of the MCF President.

The Masters tournament top four are already known.

1. Mas Hafizul
2. Mok Tze Meng
3. Lim Yee Weng
4. Nicholas Chan

1. Nurul Huda
2. Nur Nabila
3. Fong Mi Yen
4. Alia Bakri

Teh committee reserves the right to exercise final discretion in the selection of players for the National Squad. In the event that one player decides to pull out from participation after selection, the SC has the final say on a replacement.

As 2010 is an olympiad year, the above will form the team to this year's event which will be held in the town of Khanty-Mansiysk in Siberia.

Selection for other individual events like the Continental Championships, Zonal Championships and Commonwealth Open Championship will be based on the highest ranked Malaysian in FIDE rating list at that time.


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