Friday, February 26, 2010

Women Master qualifiers

Wow, the last match of the Women's Masters just finished minutes ago. The men's edition was a leisurely affair compared to this. The women players have to finish their matches in just a day with some of the matches going to the rapids and two going to the Armageddon stage. Gilachess has posted all but one of the matches and it's 10:35 PM as I write. Salute to Andrew!


Nurul Huda bt Latifah Syamimi
Fong Mi Yen bt Winnie Hong
Khairunnisa Wahiduddin bt Latifah, Kaiyisah Bt. Mohd Latif
Alia Anin Azwa Bakri bt Renitha Narayanan
Tan Li Ting won a close Armageddon against Ahmad Fuad Fairuz Hamizah
Nabila Azman Hisham beat sister Najiha Hisham
Haslindah Ruslan prevailed over one of the Wahiddudin sisters, Fadzilah

The final qualifier will come from the Hoh Tjin Li Amira vs Syahmina Zullkafli armageddon.

There will be little rest for the eight qualifiers as they will have to complete another round tomorrow.

Update at 11:12 PM:

Syahmina won the armageddon against Hoh Tjin Li and qualifies.

The next round pairing is here


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