Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Selection of 1st Malaysian Women Masters

There is some controversy over the selection of the sixteen players for the 1st Malaysian Women Masters which starts this Friday. At the DATCC blog, some people using the shoutbox claims that three deserving players were not given the places they deserved. The players are Camilia Johari, Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan and Sarika Subramaniam.

I sms this matter to Greg Lau, MCF Secretary, and this is what he replied.

"Dear Jimmy
MCF Selection Comittee on d selection criteria for Women Masters event:
4 players selected frm FIDE list up to max 20 players.We have 4 players selected frm National Rating up to max 20 players. 4 frm National Closed 2009 results n 2 frm National Junior 2009 results. After d above criteria, MCF reserved d right to choose 2 players from outstanding excellence performance result n not base on ratings anymore since its already d criteria for choosing d Top 8 players earlier. Camilia n Nitya is not in d top 20 in National n Fide. MCF choice 1. Latifah Kaiyisah GU-16 international Event selection 2009 Champion, National Junior 2009 3rd placing shared points with 1st n 2nd placing. Latifah Syamimi 2nd placing in National Closed 2008. Sarika 6th position in National Closed 2009. MCF uses 2 main event in National closed n National Junior results as basis of selection for d 2 choice. D others events are not considered as priority coz they are considered age group category events where else both National closed n National Junior gathers d best players in 1 event for selection basis. Both Camilia n Nitya is not in d list of outstanding performance basis frm dis 2 events."

I decided to check the selection criteria and unfortunately I found that there has been a mistake in the list as original provided by MCF of the top twenty players from the National Rating of January 2010.

Here is the list provided by MCF and my list extracted from the January 2010 National Rating

I informed Greg straightaway but whether the line-up will be changed is unclear.

Another thing is that MCF only selects the top four from the National Rating List (the last criteria). Once this four is selected, the next MCF two selection will not be from this list but based on performance in other tournaments.

MCF first choice is Latifah Kaiyisah who placed 3rd with shared points as the 1st and 2nd placing (Nur Najiha Azman Hisham who is already selected and Amira Shahmina Zullkafli whom I think declined)

The second choice is Latifah Syamimi with 2nd placing in National Closed 2008. However I do not think it is a good idea to based on a tournament in 2008. Juniors improve very quickly and others may be even stronger by now.

Anyway we have to wait and see if MCF announces a change in the line-up.


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