Friday, February 5, 2010

7 Reasons why you should (not) start a chess blog

Nowadays it is very easy to start a blog and moreover it can be free thanks to sites like You can set up a new blog with just a few clicks, no web programming required.

So every other day, someone starts a new chess blog with the best of intentions. For those of you comtemplating to start a new chess blog, let me tell you, blogging is hard work so before you start your journey check out the reasons why you should (not) start a chess blog.

Reason #7 You have too much free time

Blogging is hard work, trust me. Give up now. Unless you are doing it because of Reason #6.

Reason #6. You just learnt how to copy and paste

There is no need to plan your next post for hours or even days. Now you can do it complete with chess diagrams just using the power of cut and paste.Chessbase, TWIC are fair game for you. But why should anyone read your blog when they already read it on Chessbase?

Reason #5. Your think you are God's gift to Malaysian chess


Reason #4. Bringing chess news, results, tournament announcements to the masses.

There is a saying which goes like this, "the road to hell is paved with good intentions". A log of new blogs started with this intention. Let me tell you, Gilachess have been doing this for years and lately DATCC is also doing a great job. It is impossible for you to bring anything different to the table. I suggest you forget it.

Reason #3. You just installed the latest Fritz and Rybka

You can now present complete game analysis just by running Rybka and copying the evaluation and moves. You can proudly announce that White is 4.65 pawns up instead of "white is now winning".

I suggest you stop right now because Malaysia is known as the piracy capital of the world and every other Malaysian with an iota of interest of chess already have those two software and can do their own home analysis without your help.

Reason #2. Everyone's doing it why not me?

aka jump on the bandwagon

Reason #1. You have originality/ valuable insights and suggestions

You are a rare duck indeed. You have originality in your thoughts and can express it clearly as well as put a different spin on everything. We need bloggers like you. I will come to read your blog everyday as will many others.

Get some inspiration from Gilachess and Hairulov as well as First GM and go forth and blog now.


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