Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My first rapid game in Mas-Sin match

Black has just played 30...Qe7 "pinning" the e-pawn.

31. exd5! Qxe2 32. Qxe2 Rxe2 33. dxc6

Both black bishops are under attack and white will win back the piece. I just had to calculate a little bit further to ensure the combination is sound.

Bxg3+ 34.fxg3 Bxc6 35. Rd2

White wins thanks to this saving move.

Rbe8 36. Rcc2 Rxg2+ 37. Rxg2 Bxg2 38. Kxg2 Re3 39. a6 Rxg3+
40. Kh2


Replay game below


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