Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two tie for first in World Senior

The World Senior Championship concluded in Katerini, Greece yesterday. In the 50+ event, there was a two way tie for first between GM Zurab Stura and GM Keith Arkell with 8.5 points from 11 rounds. Top seed GM John Nunn finished in sole third with 8 points.

Malaysia had two representatives in Lim Kian Hwa and Ismail Ahmad. I was supposed to be the third but I decided to pull out to concentrate on other matters. Lim Kian Hwa had the best result with 5.5 points (beating Ismail in their individual encounter) and finished in 28th position. Ismail Ahmad was in 31st position after scoring five points.

The 65+ event was keenly contested and no less than four players tied for first with 8 points. GMs Anatoly Vaisser, Yuri Balashov, Victor Kupreichik are the well known players from yester-years and they were joined by the Brazilian IM  Herman Van Riemsdijk.

25 players took part in the Women's 50+ and 65+ event so they were pooled together into one tournament. Russia's Svetlana Mednikva was the overall champion with 8 points while the former World Champion Nona Gaprindashvili was second was second.


Main Simul said...

Malaysia had a representative in the 65+ event in Zamahari Abang Draup. Ranked 89th, he finished 89th.

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