Monday, November 10, 2014

Carlsen-Anand: First Blood

The FIDE World Championship is taking place in Sochi from November 7 to 27. World Champion Carlsen is challenged by former champion Anand.

Game one was a draw while game two played last night resulted in a first victory for the World Champion.

Anand played 1...e5 to Carlsen's king pawn in the opening and offered the possiblity to enter a Ruy Lopez Berlin. Carlsen was not having any of that as the Berlin is the toughest variation for White to crack in a Ruy Lopez. Carlsen played 5 d3 entering quiet waters. But the dangers for Black were there as Carlsen played a series of moves starting with 12 Nxb6 and 13 d4  that showed White's initiative on the king-side was not to be underestimated.

I was following Svidler and his partner Guramishvili commentary at the official site. They did not think that White's attack was so dangerous although Anand's 18...Be6 was puzzling as two moves later he had to exchange it for the knight on f5. It is still quite surprising how difficult Black's position was in the major piece ending. Anand's blunder at the end even though he is quite lost by then, is quite ominous for his chances and reminds me of his many blunders in last year's match.

Today is a rest day so game three will continue on Tuesday.


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