Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Carlsen-Anand: Strike back by Anand

The FIDE World Championship is taking place in Sochi from November 7 to 27. World Champion Carlsen is challenged by former champion Anand.

In the third game, Anand showed better preparation to beat Carlsen. The amount of time spent on the opening by Carlsen definitely indicated that Team Carlsen had not paid enough attention to this opening variation. You know Carlsen knows he is in trouble when he spent 32 minutes on 17...Ndf6.

The opening was a Queen's Gambit Declined which seemed much better for black in Aronian-Adams, Bilbao 2013. However Anand and his team found a better continuation for White with 20 fxe4 (Aronian played 20 Qe2 instead). By forcing the exchanges, White could capture a pawn on a4 with the queen still on d1. A simple enough idea that rewarded Anand with his first win against Carlsen in a slow game.


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