Monday, November 17, 2014

Carlsen-Anand: An unnoticed blunder

The FIDE World Championship is taking place in Sochi from November 7 to 27. World Champion Carlsen is challenged by former champion Anand.

Carlsen won the sixth game and he described it as "very, very lucky". On his 26th move, Carlsen committed a serious blunder which would have lost a pawn for nothing. His opponent thought for a minute and missed it!

After 26 Kd2

Carlsens' move allowed 26...Nxe5 winning a pawn since 27 Rxg8 black plays the in-between move 27...Nxc4+

Carlsen now leads with 3.5 points to Anand's 2.5 points.


abdooss said...

Anand would be back to playing solid but non-aggressive opening as Black?
He's back to playing Ruy Lopez, Berlin defence in game 7...
Maybe Anand will score another win as White to level the match as Carlsen seemed a bit vulnerable as Black against 1.d4 as opposed to 1.e4..??

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