Sunday, November 9, 2014

Carlsen-Anand: First draw

Anand came out with an interesting idea (13 0-0-0)  and got Carlsen thinking right out of the opening. At one point, Carlsen's clock was half an hour behind Anand.

The World Champion showed his strength and skill when he managed to diffuse Black's initiative. He even got the better of the resulting ending of Q+R v. Q+R. Anand defended very well and  drew by perpetual. But as Carlsen admitted in the press conference, he did not think he was winning in the endgame anyway.

The first game is thus drawn and some interesting observations can be drawn here. Anand is trying to score as early as game one, a stark difference from the first match where he was content with drawing games in the early stages of the match.  He knows that a prolonged match is not to his advantage, being the older player.

Anand showed better preparation and might have scored against a lesser opponent. Carlsen is such a tenacious player that even when he is caught off-guard is able to find the best moves over the board.


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