Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Joker

I read the fool's blog post to my publishing of Mark's game. Really, writing a 3,000 word essay to "refute" a published game is over-kill. It seems my intention was not understood. I'm just publishing games to please him since he keep shouting that there are no published games because we are conspiring to hide games.

To tell the truth, I have nothing against Mark, in fact I think he is a good kid and I really pity him (and I mean every word). If life is a game of cards, Mark got dealt a most unkind hand; a joker for a father.

Not this one

but this one....

By the way, I really did get the game from someone. Only liars think that everyone around them lies too. Besides, I only visited the tournament during the final round. Furthermore, if I were taking down games, I'll be taking those of Yit San and Aaron. They are going to be more dangerous future opponents. But I understand why you say I take down Mark's game - just to hype him further.

So the joker says Mark is NJ and U18 no.2 in 2010, NJ no.4 in 2011 and NJ no.6 in 2012. That might look like going backward. But the fact is Mark is not getting worse (if that is possible).  He is just not getting better. Let me put it in an analogy. The world of juniors is like a hundred meter dash. Everyone is rushing to the finish line, Mark is just standing still. Just to catch up with everyone will require double the effort. I hope this little insight can help you for next NJ.

Nuff' said!


abdooss said...

Mr RS,
You used to have valid complaints, but now, all I heard coming from you are just ramblings. What happened? I'm worried about you. I hope it's not anything serious.

Thought you might need this (below). Please attend if you can;

Date : 16th February 2013
Time : 10.00am-12.00noon
Venue: D' Home
Topic : Understanding Psychotherapy and Its Importance In Recovery
Speaker : Mr. Lemuel Tan ( Assoc. MAPS)
Registered Psychologist
Community Mental Health Clinician
Child & Adolescent Mental Health Service

Book: 04-2278082

Speaker's Profile:

Lemuel is an Australian trained psychologist working with Wheatbelt Mental Health Service (Western Australia) children, Lemuel and their families who struggle with psychosis, depression & anxiety, self-harm & suicide, eating disorders, attachment difficulties and developmental difficulties (PDD, ADHD and FASD). He was the Project Advisor and Psychometric Assessment Coordinator for the Health and Safety in Australian Workforce. He is currently spearheading a regional project to provide training and country Health.

abdooss said...

I sent the same thing to FGM's blog, but it will never be published!

Anonymous said...

Below is a comment to this new cheating scandal by Yuri Garrett of Italy, who is the Board Director of the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP).

Although there is still an appeal pending, and thus no certainty of the final outcome of the case, it is undeniable that the Italian Federation's decision is a milestone in fighting computer-assisted cheating. While zero-tolerance is hardly the solution to any serious problem in everyday life, computer-assisted cheating in chess might well be the exception that proves the rule. I think that the chess community should be grateful to the Italian Federation and its groundbreaking decision, among other things because its timing is so perfect in joining the ACP's effort in raising awareness on computer-assisted cheating (read and sign our open petition here). Whatever the outcome of the legal battle that surely will ensue, it is no longer possible to neglect that serious action is to be taken against this spreading plague. Now.

The ACP has been very proactive in opening the debate on anti-computer-assisted cheating regulation and enforcement, and it is time that both National Federations and FIDE take a clear stand on this matter, possibly in harmony and after consulting with each other. However, I wish to point out that an effective solution should feature both rules that will not create unnecessary burdens for organizers and players (professionals and amateurs) and adequate and enforceable sanctions. If cheaters feel that they will not pay for their hideous crime, cheating will continue to spread and the credibility of chess as a major sport will be greatly affected, but it is also important that chess remains a viable sport in everyday practical terms - without putting unnecessary pressure on the vast majority of honest chess players and organizers. In this respect, the Italian Federation has set a precedent that we will all need to come to terms with: you cheat, you get a ban for life. Like it or not.

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