Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Game from National Junior

The mad fool keep claiming there are no games or bulletins from the last National Championship. This proves that there is a conspiracy, no? Maybe he should offer to key in all the games from the next tournament. Unfortunately he does not read chess notation, so that is going to be one tough job for him.

Just to please him, let me publish here a game from the last National Junior. That should keep him quiet (?). To tell the truth this is the only game I have from there (someone sent it to me), nothing deliberate here. No comments from me, I do not know how to comment this style of play.


Anonymous said...

Ask the coach for comment, or his GM inner circle. I would rate it at 1200-1300.

Peter Long said...

His coach has an inner circle near his level with the son easily the most expert. Unless you wish to believe his claims to be intimate with the FIDE 2100 rated General Secretary, a competent administrator but weak chessplayer, and whose expert advice (about right for his son's level), he also claims to be privy too.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy you are wrong.
I asked my GM friend whether he could detect a sign of fixing in this game, he said no, there is no sign of fixing in this game.
So you are wrong Jimmy to accuse Mark as master in fixing game.

but before we parted my GM friend said he could detect something on this game.

A sign of stupidity! and asked me why let 5 years old play in under 20.

I said no, both players are above 18!

Jimmy Liew said...

Ha ha ha.

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