Saturday, January 26, 2013

Zonal 3.3 Round 6

Six rounds have been completed in the Zonal 3.3 in Tagaytay City, Philippines. The leaders are unchanged , GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam and GM Wesley So of Philippines drew two games to lead at 5/6. Another Filipino GM Rogelio Antonio is third with 4.5 points. There is a big bunch of six players at 4 points.

Yeoh Li Tian drew his sixth round game against Filipino IM Rolando Nolte (rated at 2460). Li Tian now has 2.5 points. It may not look like much but his opposition included one GM and three IMs. He next meets another Filipino, Olay Edgar Reggie rated 2353.

In round five, Li Tian played a thrilling game.

Michael Gotel - Li Tian

Black is in some difficulties but Li Tian found an interesting way to solve the problem.

35... Qxh3 

This looks like a blunder but is the best practical chance.

36. Qxg6+ Kxg6 37. gxh3 Kxh5 

Black has two pawns for the exchange. White did not understand how to play this ending and nearly loses.

38. Bd8 Kg6 39. Bb6 ?!

The bishop does nothing on this square.

Nf6 40.Rd1 Ne4 41. b4? cxb4? 

41...c4 and black has real winning chances

42. Rd4 Nc3 43. Rxb4 Nxd5? 

Missing the chance to create two passed pawns with 43...Nxa4. The pawn on d5 can wait.

44. Rg4+ Kf5 45. a5 ?

This leaves black a protected passed pawn on b5 . Black should be winning this position as he has three passed pawns.

Nf4 46. Kf1

Li Tian realizes that the intended 46...Nxh3 gives white a strong passed pawn on the queen-side after 47. Rg8 Be7 48. Ra8

d5 47. Rg3 Bd6 48. Rg8 Nd3 49. Rh8

 White should be taking the a-pawn instead of the h-pawn in order to create his own passer on the queen-side. Black should be winning if he pushes his passer e.g 49...b4 50. Bd4 Bf4 51. Ra8 Ke4 52. Bg7 Nc5 and the black b-pawn is impossible to stop without sacrificing a piece.

 Ke4 50. Rxh6 Be5 51. Bd8 Nc5 52. Bb6 Ne6 53. Ke2 d4 54. Rh4+ Nf4+ 

White is lost here

55. Kd2 f5 56. Rh7 Nd5 57. Rd7 Bf4+ 58. Kc2 d3+ 59. Kb3

At any time black pushes his d and b-pawn, he will win, but Li Tian seems more concerned with stopping white's pawn (which is very far from queening).

60. Bf2 f4 

60... d2 61. Kc2 b4 wins since 62. Rb7 allows the black king to support the pawn after 62...Kf3 and ...Ke2

61. h4 Bh6 62. h5 Ne3 63. Be1 Bg5 64. Rd6 Kf3 65. h6 Bxh6 66.
Rxh6 Ke2 

I guess Li Tian is aiming for this positon. One of the pawns must queen right?

67. Bc3 f3 68. Rxa6 f2 69. Rf6 Nd5 70. Rxf2+ Kxf2 71. a6 

It turns out that black does not have enough pawns to win.

Ke2 72. a7 Nxc3 

72....Nc7 73. Kb4 d2 74. Bxd2 Kxd2 75. a8=Q Nxa8 76 Kxb5 =

73. a8=Q d2 74. Qg2+ Ke1 75. Qg3+ Ke2 76. Qe5+ Kf2 77. Qd4+ Ke2 78. Qg4+


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