Monday, July 9, 2012

World Rapid Open 2012

The 2012 World Rapid Open concluded last night. GM Sergey Karjakin won with a one point lead. Magnus Carlsen had a 1.5 points lead going into the last five rounds until he suddenly lost two games in a row. His losses were to the two "chuks", Ivancuk and Grischuk. Fortunately he held the last round game against Topalov.

Despite losing to Carlsen in their individual game, Karjakin was very impressive against the rest. In the final stretch, he won four in a row and drew the last round game.

Due to the time control, there were many astounding games which you will never believe if you did not witness them. For example, Topalov overlooked a mate against Carlsen which would have given him second place. Instead he only managed to draw. In another game, Topalov had N+3P v N+1P with everything under control. And what happened? He lost that one!

The final cross-table -

Source: Chessbase

But it is not over! Starting today the World Blitz will take off (5:00 PM Malaysian time). Most of the rapid competitors are also in the blitz. Vietnam's Le Quang Liem is one of those joining in the contest for the title of world's best blitz player.


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