Friday, July 20, 2012

Changes to Merdeka Festival events

This year, all the individual events are now played in one single event. All players can qualify for Open prizes whereas those aged 55 and above can win the senior prize. Those rated 2000 and below can qualify for Ambank prizes. As per normal , a player can only get one prize, generally this is always the prize that has the highest value.

Message from Organizing Committee,

Dear All

Due to Eid ul Fitri (Hari Raya) celebration in Malaysia and many other Muslim countries, and the Istanbul Chess Olympiad being held towards the end of August, the 9th IGB Dato Arthur Tan Chess Festival 2012 has experienced a less than expected entries for this year’s event. In our effort to continue making this event a reality despite the low turnout, the Organizing Committee at a Meeting held earlier this week has decided to combine all the individual open events – the Dato Arthur Tan Rapid Open, the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Seniors Open and the AmBank Challenge Open, into a single open event. Despite the merger, the single open event will continue to provide separate prizes for each playing category with slight amendments to the prize structure and the total funds offered. The decision was made to show a respectable response for the event rather than to cancel the event which may damage its continuity and future responses.

As an additional effort to continue attracting more participants for the event, Dato Tan Chin Nam, the adviser of the event, has decided to reduce the individual’s event Entry Fees to RM 50 for any FIDE Rated players wanting to play in the event, and RM 100 for non FIDE Rate players. Other tournament conditions such as event dates, number of rounds, time control, etc. will remain as per the original format. Please find the new Entry Form attached for your kind information and perusals.

For those who have already registered and find the changes not acceptable, the Organizing Committee will refund all monies in full. For others who agree to the changes and have paid the entries in full, the committee will refund the difference for the entry fees.

These changes will only effect the Individual Open events. There will be no changes to the ASTRO Team event and the SWENSEN Age Group event.
 We apologise for the changes and any inconveniences caused but the alternative (cancelling the event) is not practical and unacceptable.


Peter Long said...

Hi Jimmy, Where can I get information on this event? Google is failing me!

Jimmy Liew said...

I will email to you

Peter Long said...

Thanks - do you intend to play any as a further warm up? I could probably play in the team event if roped in again by someone like last year!

Jimmy Liew said...

it is too near the olympiad. if i play team i have to take the last two working days before we leave for Turkey. Which means some three weeks away from office! no thanks :)

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Hi Jimmy
The age for Seniors is 50 years and above and NOT 55 years. There was an error in the earlier form and a new one is now being circulated to reflect the new age floor for Seniors.

Peter Long said...

Then I qualify for seniors - and can probably give Dato' Tan a good game!

Anonymous said...

hey jimmy, did the best malaysian prize got removed from the individual rapid??

Anonymous said...

No best malaysian prize?

Jimmy Liew said...

Best above 65 years is RM2000! That is equivalent to winning the Ambank event.

No best Malaysian but have best Malaysian Lady!

Anonymous said...

totally ridiculous.. removing the best malaysian price on what basis? because other sections got not enough players? MCF really MCF

Jimmy Liew said...

Probably the reason is not enough foreign players.

And this event is not organized by MCF so why blame MCF?

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