Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Some myths being propagated

In this post, I will examine some of the myths that have continually being propagated by a certain someone-we-will-not-name. The myths are being bandied about as if they are facts merely to support his personal agenda and vendetta.

Disclaimers: First of all let me state my position up front. I do not represent MCF. I do not speak for or defend MCF, these are my opinions only. I do not have any position in MCF nor did I contribute or influence in any way the selection or selection criteria.

Myth No. 1

MCF announced that 2012 National Championship will be the only selection criteria for the 2012 Istanbul Olympiad. 

I have never seen any such announcements. The only reference is that the NC will be "main criteria for selection for international representation". Now that can mean many things. The phrase "main criteria" already indicates that it is not the only criteria. There is no mention that the top five or four or whatever number will be selected.

Myth No. 2

Since the champion declined, the next best will take his place.

Again there is no such statement. This was merely an assumption. There might be instances when this happened in the past, but probably even more instances where it did not happen.

Myth No. 3

There was no real selection.

MCF published the selection process on its web-site so how can anyone say there is no selection? What you can say is you think the criteria is not to your liking. Or you can say there is no selection trial or selection tournament. But the selection process is very clear.

Myth No.4

The selected team members are not deserving.

Three of the team members are in the top five of the current FIDE rating list. Another is the 2011 National Champion. The President's choice (Yeoh Li Tian) has the best tournament record in the last 12 months.

By the way, if anyone thinks someone else has a better record, post the data here and let us compare. But do not just make un-supported claims and quote "circumstantial evidence"

Would you go to your butcher for legal advice? Or consult a feng shui expert for medical problems? Any real chess player will tell you that this team is a good team. (I am are not saying best because "best" is very hard to define and opinions will definitely differ.).

And by the way, what results this team brings back is irrelevant. If the team comes back with bad result, someone will say I told you so, this team is undeserving therefore they did badly. If the team comes back with the best result ever, someone will just keep quiet.

Already someone has already set us up for failure by putting it on record that we will fail. No need to say more on this.

Myth No.5

Jimmy has manipulated/fixed the selection.

Read my disclaimers above.

According to someone, everything can be attributed to Jimmy. If possible, he would like everyone to think that the 2011 Fukushima earthquake and the 2004 tsunami are my doing as well. The extent of his madness is apparent by the fact that he is using a picture of me to "prove" his lies. This picture was published on Yat's blog and he calls this a "gangster pose". This is good news for everyone including me, because now we know he is grasping at straws to attack me.

Look at this "gangster pose". Surely he is responsible for Fukushima?

Myth No.6

Jimmy has many anonymous blogs and make anonymous comments to support himself.

Someone's ego could not handle the fact that there are many who despise and hate him intensely for his actions. He wants to be loved and told he is right all along. He could not handle that everyone who puts a comment on his blog has nothing good to say about him, so he has to keep deleting until everyone realises there is no point to comment there. As a result his blog now resembles a ghost town.

So he looked for a way to soothe his bruised ego. He finally found the solution. He started out by saying he "thinks" Jimmy is behind everything. Nowadays he has already left out the "think". Classic denial syndrome.

Actually I do not need to de-bunk this. Impossible to prove or disprove. Everyone can believe what they want. Whatever floats your boat.


Anonymous said...

Some counter points.

Myth No.2
Yes there is no such statement. Absolutely true. But if you don't select the next person (no.2, no.3 thereafter) after the National Champion, and this is the only tournament that is touted as the main criteria, then it reduces the selection process to a farce. Like you said, what results that the team brings back from the Olympiad is irrelevant. So we might as well go with the most logical selection process then. This would at least put back some form of significance to the National Closed tournament.

Myth no.3
It is technically correct to say that there is a selection process as MCF published its selection process on its website. But I think that the pet peeve was that this was only done after all the dust was settled. As a national chess federation, we would think that there should be more maturity and transparency in this area.

Last but not least, this is really not about Jimmy, totally agree! This is just for constructive positive argument, so that hopefully we can learn from this, move on and become better, clearer and more transparent in our selection process. But it seems that this kind of stuff has plagued the Malaysian chess scene for the longest time. But then again, this really isn't so difficult to do. This isn't about raising tens of thousands of ringgit or finding a key sponsor. This is just about making the selection process transparent and clear so that even if some people don't like it, at least everyone is informed from the very beginning.

Jimmy Liew said...

When I said the results did not matter, I did not mean that we can just send team. The selection criteria is logical enough and probably a good team is thereby selected. Importance have been placed on the NC by giving the Champion a place.

I agree that MCF should be more transparent and publish their selection criteria early. After all, it is not a surprise that olympiad is held this year. It is known way way in advance. However, I do not subscribe to the conspiracy theory just because the criteria is published after the selection process.

Anonymous said...

I think you contradict yourself when you said results did not matter.

We are not sending just any team, we are sending the person who finished 2nd to the National Champion. In a normal circumstance, this would mean the Vice-National Champion. I think it means something and he isn't a nobody. He would still be of some strength, make no mistake about that. Also there is also no mention by MCF that they will only be selecting the national champion to go to the Olympiad.

But again, of course there is no such thing as a conspiracy. Just good old Malaysian chess.

abdooss said...

The way I see it, whatever you say will be twisted and manipulated by 'the-man-who-should-not-be-named'.
Don't you think you have wasted enough time answering to 'him'?
Time that is better utilised for the Olympiad preparations?

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Taiko Jimmy (Along Jimmy)....
Wah.... I have watched the Malay movie KL Gangster, and also the American Gangster (Denzel Washington)... I am sure there is also some Chinese movie that depicts some kind of Hong Kong Gangster or Beijing Gangster or something of that sorts probably played by Andy Lau, Yuen Fatt or Nicholas Tse... But Jimmy ah... Your posing DEFINITELY looks like a Gangster la... Such a killer pose! I scared woh!

Anyway... do gangsters have watchdogs and attacking dogs? Like a Doberman, Rottweiler or German Shepherd at their side? I have this one breed of dog... Special one... No where found in the world... Only good at barking... You want ah? Can scare people away lor??

By the way... Can I blame you for the 2004 Tsunami? I think you must have slammed the clock too hard when you play chess that day which cause the earth to shake just off the Sumatra coast.... Next time, press the clock gently please... :) We don't to have another Tsunami

Ha ha ha.....

Anonymous said...

Actually, you do look like a certain "kelingah bansan keh lor pnee phai geena" that I used to know quite well a long time ago until he uprooted to the klang valley! Haha...

Anonymous said...

aiyoh, where are my manners? i meant the "kelingah bansan keh lor pnee twa koh tau".

Jimmy Liew said...

Abdoss, actually I am speaking to those others who might otherwise be deceived. I dont care about that one guy.

Najib, pls keep your dog away from my blog.

Anonymous @12:54 and @1:04 must be from Penang...

abdooss said...

Sure, Jimmy.
I wish Malaysian team all the best in Olympiad 2012 Istanbul.

Please do not get distracted by this guy.

Yeoh said...

Dear Chess Friends,
1. just wish to indicate my support to IM Jimmy.
2. I know Jimmy well and I must say all those many accusations on Jimmy are baseless.
3. I agreed with Abdooss, don't get distracted by that guy.

Anonymous said...

I like Jimmy's gangster pose!
His tummy is showing :)

Anonymous said...

Jimmy's present assets plus RS's present assets = Jimmy's future assets. Meaning sue him for all he's worth.

syazrin rahman said...

gud luck mr jimmy!!!saya sokong team olympiad malaysia 2012

Jimmy Liew said...

Thank you for all those who expressed their support here and during the Kasugi Team event as well.

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