Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What it was about

Raymond Siew has been blowing so much smoke that I myself almost lost track of what it was all about. All this talk about "fair fight" and who has the majority, selection , ratings not important - they are smoke screen to distract us all from what it was really about.

It started because Chin Seng made some comments which were not favourable to RS on Najib's blog. In retaliation, RS brought up Li Tian's sponsored training in China and commented that it was unfair. Then he goes on to question how strong Li Tian is. Co-incidence or vindictiveness? Readers can make their own mind up.

I was really curious to see how strong Mark is and checked up the FIDE rating. Now we know who the top juniors really are. Which leads now to the smoke screen that RS is blowing.

Enough said, I will not go into this topic any more.


Yeoh said...

Hi Jimmy

1. Your middlegame is a bit in accurate. But I agree with your opening & ending. (first & last sentence)

2. Sad that our very mind coach tries to induce his enmity amongst the juniors.

3. He fails to see the many beautiful sides of chess. such as bringing sincere friendships and sweet memories to the juniors.

4. Sincerely, i think what Mark Siew needs are friends, not umbrella.


Peter Long said...

Hi Jimmy,

Now I am in India attending the opening ceremony of the World Junior Championship in Chennai as a guest of the organisers.

Been flipping through your blog and would like to offer some perspective:
1. I was on the same flight with Lim Zhou Ren and he is a fine young man as I would say are almost all (if not all!) the kids who are playing chess and who are trying (or trying) to fly the Malaysian flag.
2. Soon I will be back home but with the official close of entries for the Raja Nazrin Shah, I have spent this morning before the start of the first round with nthe Chief Arbiter compiling the entries and I can now confirm that I have not received an entry from a particular local player which has somehow from been equated in the rumour mill to a ban that even I know nothing about!

But I think we of the older generation (sigh!) can say that while we do encourage and help all young players where we are able to, at the same time are also private individuals (that enjoy some standing in chess) and so have every right to chose to engage or not to engage with others who we do not know or wish to bother with!

As regards Chin Seng and his young talent, I am happy to help in any way (if that is so desired) so old friend, please feel free to contact me!


Jimmy Liew said...

Yeoh, what was wrong with my middle-game?

Anonymous said...

What a joke? A "coach" and parent condones blatant cheating and telling the whole world about it as if nothing was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew admitted both Mark Siew and Sumant conspired to cheat another player of a better placing and was detected doing so . They submitted the “result” to the arbiter but Greg spotted it and required that the real result be submitted. Now, even if this was “corrected”, I must say both players should be sanctioned and expelled from the tournament. Their misdeed must be recorded even though they admitted their fault, AFTER being found out. What if Greg did not spot the misdeed, would it then mean the result would have been manipulated, just like what RS always said happened in Perak. He said what happened there was wrong YET he treated the above case so ever so lightly. As the coach of both and parent of one, I cannot believe he was not aware of the issue BEFORE the result was submitted. Yet he condoned it!!! And to rub salt into the wound, he praised Mark, who happens to be his son. That is the person Raymond Siew is. Are these 2 players KIDs? Shows mind coach does not grow up although he grows old.

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