Saturday, August 6, 2011

Being a top chess player does pay off

According to this article in Susan Polgar's blog, Magnus Carlsen earned USD 1.5 million in 2010. The bulk of the money came from a deal with G-Star clothing manufacturer.

If Carlsen had not dropped out of the recent world championship qualifiers, he would probably earn even more in 2012, providing he qualified which looking at his form is entirely probable.


stonemasterfadli said...

stonemaster earn rm40k-rm45k in 2009 and rm35k-rm40k in 2010. The bulk of money came from coaching,organise tournaments, sponsorship and selling chess equipment.

Jimmy Liew said...

Good for you , Fadli. If organizers and coaches can make sufficient money then it will help us to improve and find that special player who can put us on the chess map.

abdooss said...


As an accountant, surely you know that in layman's term, 'earn' = profit, in Fadli's dictionary, not earn = income! :)

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