Friday, August 5, 2011

SEA Games Selection - a small incident

At the start of the SEA Games Selection, the arbiter announced the rules and so on as per normal. After that Gregory Lau stepped forward and made a strange little speech. Essentially he told everyone that anyone caught cheating or helping someone to make the SEA Games team will face serious consequences. Even those who eventually qualified will be kicked out if he got wind of any hanky panky.

As I sat there listening to him, I thought this was very unusual. Why did he think something like that might happen when we have not even pushed the first piece?  I thought that this little speech was addressed to the four IMs present. My first impression was that he was warning us not to form a cabal to exclude the others from possibly qualifying. At the time I felt very unhappy and offended.

With the latest revelations  I realized I was wrong. Greg was actually addressing some of the others.

The truth is that while all the IMs are good friends (after all we were team-mates in many tournaments) the four of us - Mas, Yee Weng, Mok and me - have never conspired to fix our matches.

But someone would want everyone to believe that we do and will continue to do this in order to prevent others (read juniors) from challenging our position. And he says it happens all the time. Someone wants to pretend that he is fighting for you , against the evil seniors (read IMs).
Those who are politically aware will realize that this is the same strategy used by our political parties such as MIC/MCA/UMNO. Divide everyone into groups and position yourself as the protector or defender of a certain group thus ensuring the support of said group.

The irony is that it is not the seniors who are cheating but some juniors. Even more ironic, that the one shouting match fixing at every opportunity now have to admit his son was involved in one. I have no doubt it will be spinned such that I am again attacking juniors , but this is just a statement of  fact .  As long as you are clean then there is nothing you need to fear and that goes for juniors, seniors or whoever.

Do not believe everything you read (even here) but keep your eyes wide open, read between the lines (and also the motives behind it) , apply common sense. Differentiate betwen the truths and the lies. And beware white knights who presents themselves in shiny armour. Especially when the armour is already proven to be soiled , no amount of polishing will restore it to its previous shine. Read this , this and this  for context.

Nuff' said!


The Chess Ninja said...

FGM's strategy is not really to divide an conquer. He just lumps everyone who disagrees with him, uses a shrink ray on them to make them into "the small minority", and then attack them.

Either that, or he puts up a strawman and attack that instead.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy, I call on you to report FGM for fixing a match in NJ. That is a fact admitted by the guilty. Whether there are other fixes else, those are pure speculation.

Anonymous said...

Najib, what's your take on FGM match fixing in NJ?

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew said he advised Mark Siew to look at himself (Mark) before making judgment on LZR. Now, by the same token, I ask Raymond Siew to look at his own conduct as well as that of his son (whom he praised) at NJ before accusing PICA for depriving a deseving junior player of a win. Practise what you preach,Raymond Siew. You are now the laughing stock of Malaysian chess. As you know, postings here are read all over the world.You are also the laughing stock of the whole chess world.SAD!!

Anonymous said...

everybody loves raymond

Jimmy Liew said...

I loved that show

Anonymous said...

that is a show in america, but in malaysian version it goes like this "Raymond loves his body"

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