Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Chess Vibes interview Morozevich

I found this interview very interesting and revealing. It is well worth your time to go through it.

I have this on-going argument with my friend Chin Seng on the various schools of chess , especially the Chinese school. When I give my own views on chess, he will dub it the "Jimmy School" :).

In the interview the part where Morozevich mentioned coaching Zhu Zhen and how different Chinese players think is very interesting. Unfortunately he did not go into more detail.

And when asked what he thought of the Soviet School of Chess, he could not comment as he did not understand what that was!


Yeoh said...

Hi Jimmy
1. so when will you compile your "Jimmy School"? have been waiting for years, man.
2. dont be shy, off hand i know at least 1 example you are more accurate than Houdini. ;)

Jimmy Liew said...

LOL, nobody interested in "my" school of chess. Not that I have any school but just views and ideas.

Even Morozevich is blur on Soviet School, shows how times have changed.

SomeDaysLikeThese said...

Maybe we should put up a Malaysian School of Chess... You have any idea what is a Malaysian School of Chess?

Anonymous said...

First you hire a mind coach.
He will find you a coach to teach you how to play chess, teach you to profile each and every oponent ie competitor analysis - not just analyse games but the personality of your oponent too, play a lots of thematics and find you a sponsor for overseas competition ( but you may have to pay your mind coach for this sponsorship).

Yeoh said...

Hi Jimmy & SomeDaysLikeThese,

1. Soviet School has developed into many variance, i think Morozevich just doesn't want to offence any

2. Even in Malaysia, don't you realize that we have at least another 2 variance: the do-re-mi school and the very-mind coach school. :D

3. Even knowledge in different chess schools may not help to improve our rating, i beleive it is mandatory for our chess cultivation.


Jimmy Liew said...

hmmm what is do-re-mi school?

Yeoh said...

hmm, the coach for that school is a kind gentleman who tries to link chess with music, so that the beginners can pick up chess more easily and with funs.
And it has been in practice for years. A good contribution to promote chess in Malaysia.


Jimmy Liew said...

Ok, i know now

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