Saturday, July 23, 2011

What did we learn?

Its always fun when FGM shoots himself in the foot.

Raymond says:
We wanted a written selection criteria and they didn't. And they were saying MCF this and MCF that. But what happened? We got it right?

MCF always had a selection criteria. It was published on their blog long before you brought anything up. You just claimed a worthless "victory"

Raymond says:
Now they are again saying that MCF wont act. MCF this and MCF that.

Did I say that? Putting words into my mouth again. Oh I forgot you think those anonymous guys are me. Poor Raymond. He really believes there is just one guy who hates him , not the whole world.

Raymond says:
Why do you jump to the conclusions that I am trying to drag Marina into my "personal crusade"?

Maybe the fact that you had could not resist to post that part on your blog? You cannot have a chat with an old friend without telling the whole world about it?

Raymond says:
Now that I have reported what I am doing to you, do I have your permission to carry on? 
A little analogy. Nobody needs anybody's permission to do whatever when in their own house. The fact is that I never wrote anything like that. I merely posted my opinion that FGM does not have any valid arguments and he brings in re-inforcements instead. Read my original post to see if that is true. But he cannot argue against that so its goal post moving time again..

I'm entitled to my opinion, right Raymond?


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