Saturday, July 23, 2011

A very strange man

When I wrote the piece "Organizers have right to refuse entry" , I did not mention K.L. Open, Peter Long nor Raymond Siew. However strange as it may sound, the Mr. Siew has come forward to identify himself as a "trouble-maker". The man has a big ego but this is really taking it too far. Maybe he does not understand, but for his sake, let me just say that "trouble-maker" has negative connotations.

I notice another fallacy which I am sure Chess Ninja will be able to find the correct term. He tries to move the goal-posts. At first it was just his son refused entry (actually I do not know this for a fact) but now he changed it to Peter Long is denying Perak players. The fallacy is to make it appear bigger than it really is. From one person, now it becomes whole of Perak players.

Another trick he uses very often is to force others to take a stand or get involved in his own machinations. We have seen this in junior, junior's parents, even one time he tried to draw in the so called Mamak Gang (I must apologize for using this term. Personally I believe it is not a nice term to use but I got this from FGM blog). Then he tried to get Marina Mahathir involved in his personal crusades. Now it is MCF , FIDE and even Regent of Perak?

One should learn how to fight one's battles and not rely on others to do your dirty work for you. Chinese have a saying and I hope I translate it correctly - "borrow other people's knife to do the killing". I think the meaning need no further clarification.


Anonymous said...

One man's crusade is another man's nuisance. Though it's more like one man's crusade is everyone else's nuisance.

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