Monday, July 11, 2011

Thoughts - What is hypocrisy?

I read a great posting by Najib Wahab on his personal experience at the arbiter's seminar. Quite honest and compelling reading. However when, FGM referenced this and turned it into his personal agenda and start talking about PICA, this is really in bad taste. He goes to the extent of insinuating that some members of PICA fixes tournament pairings. OK, we know he has not finished grinding his axe with PICA and I really doubt it will end.

I had just finished reading Marina Mahathir's moving  article on her personal experience at last Saturday's Bersih 2.0 rally. Along comes Raymond Siew and what does he do? Again turn this into his own self-serving agenda writing a topic which has nothing whatsoever to do with Marina's piece. At the same time , he has the ego to elevate himself to the same status as Marina Mahathir. This is not just bad taste, this is indecent and I just cannot contain myself anymore.

Marina Mahathir is involved in many NGOs and also in women activists movement and write a respected column in The Star, a national newspaper. Comparing yourself to her is like comparing a skyscraper with an ant (btw if you are too dense to understand, she is the skyscraper).

Raymond Siew likes to tell everyone what he does is not about him. I suppose it is for you and me. But why does he keep injecting his own self into everything? Read this  for reference.

This will be spinned into him being attacked again and being  victimised.  But is telling the truth and showing the true nature of someone and unmasking them an attack on them?


Anonymous said...

You're wasting your time. Nobody reads his shit. Not for its content anyway.

Anonymous said...

Just don't put yourself at his standard

Anonymous said...

Just couldn't resist re-sharing this:

Oh no, I am promoting sland... wait... it was deleted. Oh well, the pictures are nice.

"In Soviet Russia, Chess Plays YOU!!"


Tonberry said...

There had never been any contribution by Raymond Siew to the local chess world. His agenda throughout all these years were simply trying to make his son as the next & 1st Msia GM.

Anonymous said...

And trying to make some money along the way

The Chess Ninja said...

Actually, I am siding with Raymond on this.

Everyone has the right to be stupid. After all, it is just a blog. There are kids out there who post really stupid things on their blogs these days and we don't go around pointing out their stupidity. Some blogs are just more stupid than others.

Very often, criticizing something often legitimizes it. At least that is how Raymond feels. The more you think he is wrong, the more the thinks he is right. That is just the way some people are.

He is like the Ibrahim Ali of chess. If you ignore him, he will just become a nobody. But if you give him coverage just like all the newspapers do, then Ibrahim Ali becomes an "important" guy. I may have more important things to say than Ibrahim Ali, but the newspaper doesn't publish what I say (sadly). Even if they do, it is in a tiny corner in the editorials. Ibrahim Ali is front page news all the time and he sincerely believes what he is saying, even though everyone in the country knows how stupid it is.

Oh by the way, Ibrahim Ali and Raymond Siew may be interchangeable in the paragraph above. Perhaps.

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