Sunday, July 24, 2011

How to spot liars

Really interesting


Anonymous said...

IM Jimmy Liew

I follow a number of foreign websites but your blog is certainly the one blog to read as I always enjoy it.

If I remember correctly, your deal in chess is to become as strong a chess player as you can be. And at one stage, you were among the top in asia. Of course, with a family to take care of, having a good and stable career was your next big challenge. It took you away from chess for a while. But the good news is, from what I have noticed at least, you’re back and with some renewed energy to be the best again! Your qualifying for the Malaysian SEA games team is no fluke – all hard work. That is indeed great for you and chess in Malaysia.

However, recently you have been preoccupied with only one thing or person, as it were, and that is raymond siew from perak. Your postings have been very well thought out and your defence and counter-attack against this man, is equally impressiver. However, this definitely takes a lot of time and energy out of you, and will certainly take its toll on you soon.

Remember Stay Focus and Hungry - a video on one of Steve Jobs speeches that you highlighted on your blog a few months ago? It moved me too, as I am sure it did you. But if Chess is your main Focus, then you have swayed from what you should be doing and that is Playing Chess.

You should continue with your blog, analyse games, give us your opinion on chess games and chess players but please stay clear from the likes of raymond siew.

Remember the famous saying, ”Barking Dogs cannot bark forever!” (It’s mine of course) Talk to your fellow blogger friends like Chess Ninja, Ilham and others, to close their Shout boxes and/or block comments by raymond siew. I believe that the DAT Chess Centre blog (Arbiter Najib) has already closed his shout box.

With no audience and no one fighting him on the blogs, he will become what he really, NOTHING.

Making A Difference

John Wong said...

How does one catch a liar in print?

I agree with the previous poster. Nowadays I read FGM for comic relief. If the Malaysian chess public chooses to believe in his views, then they have chosen and there's really nothing at all to promote chesswise.

Time to move on and recollect all the good bits about Malaysian Chess that is worth saving for posterity.

Jimmy Liew said...

Anonymous, Thanks for the advice. I will think about it seriously.

Anonymous said...

The weak mind is easily traumatised. This is exemplified by the delusional behaviour of the traumatised mind. Sometimes I wonder if he is talking about himself when he says things like that.

Yeoh said...

Hi Jimmy

1. me too, agree with anony#1's view.

2. i dont believe few egoism articles can damage chess in MAS

3. all the best in your MAS open.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jimmy,
Please provide more joke on chess and leave RS alone.
Malaysian parents know how to identify who is right or wrong.
best regards.

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