Friday, December 20, 2013

True humility

I am quite impressed to read Eddy Fong's piece on Yit San's success in National Juniors held recently. Contrary to what Eddy attributed to luck, I think it is more to perseverance and hard work that is now bearing fruit.

Also, Eddy does not come up with the "how we did it" kind of self-promotion. Imagine if this has happened to Mr Raymond "Once we taught China" Siew's son. We will never hear the end of his "I told you so" and how "competitor analysis" and "blindfold training" is the key. We will also hear more of such catchphrases as "iron sharpens iron" and "ELO ratings are just fat numbers". By the way, catchphrases are phrases that means nothing and is just a way of trying to sound clever to the uninformed reader.

I already said Yit San is the man to watch here (third paragraph). His successes have now included two National Juniors, 2nd placing in Nationals (which he almost won), great performance in the recent Penang Open where he was one of the best Malaysians. However I did not understand how he was left out of the SEA Games when he is part of the national squad after his good placing in the Malaysian Masters. Why was he left out?


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