Friday, March 16, 2012

Malaysian Chess responds

I see that a certain blogger is getting  bolder and bolder after successfully shouting down those who dare oppose him such as Chess Ninja, Chess Connections , Rationality and  Malaysian Chess Affairs.

No one is spared - from MCF President to chess organizers like Peter Long.

His latest posts are he thinks there is some corruption going on in the chess scene. Practically screams corruption , corruption but when asked to make a report , declines as he "does not want blood on his hands". Then he turns around and asks anyone with evidence to make the report. Hypocrisy?

So far nobody except Najib (Chess Ninja seems to have given up) has stood up to him albeit in a polite way. But I think Najib has gone the same route as the others as his blog is no longer available.

It seems the normally unflappable Lim Tse Pin (there, I spelled it correctly!) got upset when a mad man trains his sights on him. Read Tse Pin's response here.

Since it is a Friday, I prescribe more readings for my readers. Maybe this story is also relevant to the happenings in chess today.


The Chess Ninja said...

It is no fun to argue with someone who doesn't have the mental capacity or thinking ability to do so. Let's just say that I would have a better shot at becoming a GM.

In any case, I am just waiting for something to happen, enjoying the show. I do think that the current system is not viable but I will not go so far as to accuse without evidence. Let's just say that I have personally witnessed and have been a "victim" of some of the corrupt practices of MCF on more than one occasion.

But of course, my situation is considered very minor compared with the things that some of the top players have to go through.

While his noise-making is extremely misguided, I think it is an important contribution in a grand scheme of things. We always need that crazy someone to throw sticks and stones in order to keep any institution on its toes.

The MCF needs to seriously look at itself and change. The way it is functioning is not very different from our present federal government. A lot of hullabaloo over "Malaysia Boleh" whenever someone wins something, but there is nothing Malaysia about the achievements as it is always an individual effort, except probably the fact that the person is born in Malaysia.

The funny thing is, if that person was born in say, Vietnam, he/she would have gone a lot further. So, the MCF needs to seriously think about why Malaysia TAK BOLEH (when it comes to chess), and do something about it.

Peter Long said...

Hi Jimmy, I even actually get emails requesting I read posts I have no interest in but thanks to a common but wonderful technology it goes straight into SPAM! So I only get second hand a sense of what is going on when I visit your blog for chess and I am surprised that I am being shouted down as I don't read, acknowledge or care, let alone respond. Life is too short and too good to waste time like this and like you, I make my own positive contributions to chess when possible and on our terms that enough people are happy about...

siew fai said...

My goodness sake! Are we at the start of “another round of fire?”
Last January, I had pledged neutrality and had requested for “a cease fire” when I was having a serious negotiation to bring RM2M into promoting chess across the country. Of course I was silly to believe I can bring enough olive branches to make peace and harmony. I had failed miserably and the sponsor had bolted.

This time I am smarter! I will be in control and be the host myself. I shall unleash the Legionnaire Gambit. First, I must do a sweep of my place for listening devices to see why on the verge of securing an exciting sponsorship, “fire has started” as though it wanted to challenge my negotiation skills.
Yes! It is on the final lap and by tomorrow morning, I shall see if I can make the interesting announcement; an announcement on local chess that is uniquely different...
In the meantime, the “moratorium on the period of silence” has lapsed thus allowing us revisit what was posted in a blog on 18 Nov 2010 (which incidentally the truth was revealed to Najib on Sunday during an informal conversation). So what did we miss out because of “the toxic discord?”

$$$ a bit like Amazing Asia Race
$$$ influx set for brilliant chess Ace
$$$ look and sound like Treasure hunt
$$$ proudly present treasured chess stunt

$$$ Teams came in trios
$$$ third member junior bios
$$$ Leader must be Malaysian
$$$ second member local or Asian

$$$ legs are plentiful
$$$ each read bountiful
$$$ without chess ego coerce
$$$ 8K payout apiece de force

$$$ good support legs are fifty
$$$ better responses add fifty
$$$ best cheers increase by fifty
$$$ extraordinary deeds bid fifty

$$$ (8K X 50)
$$$ (8K X 50) + (8K X 50)
$$$ (8K X 50) + (8K X 50) + (8K X 50)
$$$ (8K X 50) + (8K X 50) + (8K X 50) + (8K X 50)

All in all I needed “hands on decks”
All in all there’s plenty of “cheques”
One for all, 1.6 million ready for the take
All for one, don’t make me look like a mistake!

Yes! Negotiations is tough and knotty to the absolute
With corporate body rest on nothing less but resolute

Here is the truth to my grand plans. Simply, at $8000 a piece, we are to drop 3 chess players cum coach into 200 remote locations across Malaysia to bring chess to a group of underprivileged and underserved children. From each location, 4 players are selected to play at the sub-regional level, 4 top finishers to move onto the regional and finally cumulating 4 from each state to the national level. The champion and the coach discovering this champion will win the winner-takes-it-all-$$$$$-Prize.

The deepest regrets are we lost the TV rights, the chance to study how far chess can reach into the deepest crevices of our society and the popularising the game of chess.

Anyway, I am sharing my grand plans in the public domain and with this, surrendered my rights to this idea to anyone out there that may have the networking to make it happen. And yes, Najib, I must congratulate you for bringing the highest payout for a rated chess event in Malaysia. My heart will be with you in Malacca. Cheerios! Lee

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