Friday, March 30, 2012

Famous movies seen through a chessboard

Friday's are special and Friday's night are extra special. I can play chess online through the night and wake up at noon on Saturday! I enjoy Fridays and being in such good mood I always create special posts and hope everyone enjoy them with me.

Inspired by 2010 Chess Odyssey World post which depicted various nations using chessboard and pieces, I present to you my "Famous movies as seen through a chess diagram".

The challenge is how to present the essence of a movie using just a chess board and pieces. Ready? Read on to find out.




                                          I am Legend

(Will Smith is the last man on Earth)

You saw that coming :)
Too predictable? (yeah I know).

                                                Star Wars

(Novice Jedi knight battles the might of the evil Empire armed with  light saber and short round robot. )


Too lame? It gets better. I promise.


(Cruise ship sinks , everyone falls overboard)



  (Small group of warriors fight against over-whelming odds)


                                      Brokeback Mountain

Two gay cowboys )







  (Don't go swimming, beware of man eating shark)


Hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

Brilliant, especially the brokeback mountain!

Ilham said...

Good one...hey, how do you make that stumbling pieces in Titanic?

You don't have to give narration, we will figure it out.

i like Brokeback Mountain the most, very funny. :)Btw if i were you, will end up with (still)a blank chess board titled "Malaysian Film Industry" with intrincite meaning nothing to show, nothing to proud off.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jimmy Liew said...

I use an image editor to cut out the chess pieces from a diagram. Change the background to transparent. Then use rotation to turn the pieces into various positions. Easy once you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

After following Raymond Siew's posts for some time, I have the following thoughts.

Diagram 1. RS against the rest of the chess community. Isolation is clear.

Diagram 2. Appears RS is the bad guy doing all the attack against poor Jimmy/PL and now Li Tian, pushed against the wall.

Diagram 3. Obviously someone is pushing others off the edge.

Diagram 4. A muddled mind with unclear thoughts.

Diagram 5. 2 against the world. Father and son?

Diagram 6. A nightmare. Bad dream every night that everyone else is trying to get him.

Well done Jimmy!

Jimmy Liew said... are more creative than me!

SM said...

And then some like Jimmy and his cronies will try to infect the new generation with their failure. They will sabotage, try to ban our strong players and try to create their glass ceiling again. - artikel baru mr raymond di blog FGM, yang kutuk mr jimmy

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