Friday, September 16, 2011

"Us" and "Them"

This is the philosophy of Raymond Siew, what he tries to indoctrinate into those people who still surround him. By creating groups he can manipulate and make himself  important and relevant.

But even I was shocked to read that he had advised Sumant Subramaniam to avoid me at the forthcoming SEA Games. This amounts to interference and attempting to split the team into factions. The SEA Games comes under the jurisdiction of the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM). Raymond continually likes to bait  MCF (since he knows they will not do anything)  by telling them to do this and do that. But OCM will not be amused by his antics. Luckily he is too insignificant for OCM  to notice.

I was in a bit of a dilemma. I have always been on good terms with everyone including our juniors.  Even Mark Siew whom I gave some advice once, but he looked embarrassed to be seen with me so I gave up on that so as not to cause him any difficulties.

As I do not want to get Sumant into trouble with Raymond who claims him as a "student" so I had resolved to avoid Sumant at the SEA Games if possible. However  I need not have worried about that.

At the DYTM Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah Invitational Masters, I was chatting with GM Wong Meng Kong, when someone came up and greeted me.  I looked up and to my surprise, there was Sumant standing in front of me. He was there to play in the blitz event. He said hello and we briefly exchanged a few friendly words on the tournament.

That was a big relief for me. The youngster has shown more level headed and common sense than his elders. Thank God for that,  for a while I was worried there would be a lot of awkward moments at the Games.


Jimmy Liew said...

Typical of Ramon to form assumptions without the facts.

For the record , the team of Jimmy,Mok, Li Tian and Wai Cheong was already agreed on in early July. We did not see the need for a fifth player.

Later (I think mid August) , Greg informed Mok that a team based on Sea Games participants would be formed as Astro team. Both Mok and me agreed we will not abandon Wai Cheong and Li Tian. We are men of our word.

So Mok told Greg this was our team, if he wanted we could play under Astro name. But we would be a four man team. Decision was Greg's whether he accepted this team.

There is no bad feelings between Sumant and me. Raymon still trying to smear my reputation. But this is all you have? Raymon, are you really running out of ideas?

Sumant said...

Please don't avoid me during the SEA games. I am in no way a student of FGM, as I have clarified earlier in your chatbox. :)

Anonymous said...

Is that really Sumant?

Sumant said...

yup....I've told all of you before. I am not the student of FGM!!! How can I be? Seriously..I was just his friend and maybe now...even that no more..

Anonymous said...

Raymond Siew just got pwned.

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