Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IM Jimmy Liew - GM Joseph Sanchev, Merdeka Team Rapid

After 27...Nf6

White has built up a nice position controlling almost everything and is now close to winning. But one must still beat the clock ....

28. Qxe7 ?

My engine tells me 28. Bd6 Qxc7  29. Rxc7 Bxd6 30. Nxd6  Bg8 31. e5 wins due to the pin on the f-file.

Bxe7 29. Rc7 Bd8 30. Rc8 Kg8 31. Bd6 Re8 32. e5 Nd5 33. Ra8 ?

A totally useless move. I could not see a clear plan and made this move to gain time. I calculated that 33. Bxd5 exd5 34. Nc7 Bxc7 36. Rxe8+ Bxe8 37. Bxd8 and this  looks very drawish. I had missed a one move mate 37. Rf8 mate!

Also 33.. Bg6  loses to 35. Rf4 (Not 35. Nxe8 ??  Be4+ 36. Kg1 Rg2+ 37. Kh1 Rxg3+ 38. Rf3 Bxf3 mate)

33....Ne3 34. Rg1

Another time pressure move. 34. Bf3 Rc2 (34... Rxh2+ 35. Kxh2 Nxf1+ 36. Kg1  Nxg3 37. Bc6 wins material) 35. Re1 Nd5  36. Bxd5 exd5 37.e6 Bg6 38. e7 Bb6 39. Rxe8+ Bxe8 40. Rf1 Bf7 41. e8=Q+ Bxe8 42. Rf8 mate

34... Nxg2 35. Rxg2 Re1+ 36. Rg1 Re2 37. Rg2 Re1+ 38. Rg1 Re2 

Black is happy to repeat moves. At this stage I had a look around. All my team-mates had lost or were losing, so I decided to go for a win. Later it turned out that an extra half point would have given us the 2nd Best Malaysian Team.

39. Nc3 ?

39. Rc1  Bg5 40. Rxe8+ Bxe8 41. Rc8  Kf7  42. Bc5 Bd7 43. Rc7  Ke8 44. Nd6+ Kd8 45. Bb6 Ke7 46. Bxa5 Ra2 47. Ne4! Rxa3 48. Bc3 (48.Rxd7+ Kxd7 49. Nc5+ Kc6 50. Nxa4 Kb5 and black regains a piece). After 48.Bc3 black must lose material.

 39...Rd2 40. Bc5 Bg5

Black's turn to blunder. 40...Bg6 41. Rf1 Rd3 and the threat of fork on e4 with the bishop.

41. Rxe8+ Bxe8 42. Rf1

Threatening mate on f8.


Only move. Black had intended to play 42....Bc6+ 43. d5 wins material for white.

43. d5??  

Totally overlooking the winning fork 43. Ne4

43... h5 44. d6 

Again missing 44. Ne4 Rxd5 45. Nxg5 Rxc5 46. Nxf7

44...Be8 45. Rf2 Bc6+ 46. Kg1 Rd3 47. Nb5 h4 48. gxh4  Bxh4 49. Rc2 ??

A horrible blunder.

White still can hold on with 49.Rf4 Rd1+ (if 49....g5 50 Rd4 Rb2 51. Rd1 and no more mating threats by black) 50 Rf1 Rd2 51. Rf4 repeats.

Rd1 mate  0-1


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