Thursday, September 15, 2011

FIDE World Cup Semifinals - Ivancuk falls

In an unclear attacking position, Alexander Grischuk gambled a piece in mutual time scramble. It was a big shock to see Ivancuk give away two pieces with seconds on his clock. What a heart-breaking loss. In the second game, Ivancuk needing a win to equalise the score, sacrificed a piece for a non-existent attack. Grischuk calmly accepted, played a series of queen moves after which Ivancuk could not avoid a draw.

So Grischuk goes into the final and faces Svidler. Both have qualified into next year's Candidates. The winner of this match gets USD120,000, the loser still takes away USD80,000 so the stakes are still high.

Ivancuk still have to face off against the loser of the other semi-final, Ponomariov. They will play for the third spot for next year's Candidates tournament. It is still a good payday for them. Both gets USD50,000 for reaching this stage.

Today is a rest day and tomorrow the final matches will begin.


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