Saturday, September 17, 2011

Svidler wins first game of World Cup Final

Yesterday at the FIDE World Cup Final, Peter Svidler scored the first win over Grischuk. Grischuk kind of imploded rather than Svidler winning it.

After a rather unusual Sicilian variation, Svidler was in trouble and had to sacrifice a pawn for development. However Grischuk started taking a lot of time.

As one of the commentators put it, this is hardly an unusual situation for Grischuk. He plays much better in time trouble and this has been proven time and again. Then the other commentator made a nice analogy.

Suppose you are running a race and you find you can win running it one-legged. You keep on winning one-legged against the other who use two legs. Should you cut off one of you legs? Quite a clever way of  questionning why Grischuk continuously gets into the worst time trouble you can imagine.

Eventually Grischuk came down to 3 minutes to make 18 moves. That was of course impossible to play any normal moves.

Today, Grischuk offered a draw after only sixteen moves.  I first I thought Grischuk had given up the match, then I remembered the final is played over four games. So the score is now 1.5 - 0.5 in Peter Svidler favour. The third game continues tomorrow.

Here is the first game of the Grischuk - Svidler match.


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