Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Top ten chess training tips and advice

Some astounding tips and advice , mostly directed towards juniors , that I picked up surfing various chess sites ( OK, wipe that stupid grin off your face. We all know it is only one site.)

None of  the below advice represents the views of ChessisChess.
- I cannot be held responsible for your success or failure as a result of following the content below.
- Reading this article does not automatically make you my "student"
- The contents below are hazardous to the health of readers without a sense of humour.

If you agree to the above disclaimers or even if you do not agree, then move on to ...


#1 You are not born with chess playing skills. It has to be learnt.

#2  I cannot help you if I do not know who you are playing with next.

#3 If you win a game, it does not mean you will win the tournament.

#4 Never go to a game without any opening preparation.

#5 Knowing who is your next opponent will greatly help you to prepare for him.

#6 Do not tie one of your hand behind your back. You need both hands to play properly

#7 Our IMs are only 2200 players and declining fast. You can beat them. Eventually.

#8  Chess is a mind game. If you believe you can win, you will win. Time to sell all those chess books and CDs you mistakenly bought.

#9 Time management is only important when you are down to your 30 seconds increment.

#10 After beating the grandmaster do not lose to the lowest seed. You still get only one point from both. Now if you beat both you get two points. Is that clear?


Anonymous said...

Tip 11 . You can aspire to be a chess coach even you have not played in any tournament or have any chess rating becuase nobody will know what you don't know.

Anonswriter said...

Hahaha.... U really make my day. Cheer......

Anonswriter said...

Do u realise there is more weightage given to technical now by one blogger after Asian Subic stint?

Maybe, just maybe, someone has begun to realise what someone didn't realise or understand earlier....

A way forward towards someone understanding on chess though someone may not admit it openly due to egoism.

Anonymous said...

I must say I had a hearty laugh. Thanks Jimmy. One can be a GM (1st GM)soon following these advices and with or without any technical know-how

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