Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stories beyond the board - What is insanity

Today for the first time, I approach the destitute. I have a plastic bag containing clothing in hand. He is sitting at the bus stand facing away from me as I approach. He seemed to be looking into the distance deep in thought. As I stand next to him, he became aware of me. He turns towards me with a startled look.

Then unexpectedly he smiled. at me  It was not the type that you give to strangers. What really surprised me was how genuine and innocent he looked. He seemed really happy to see me. For some reason I broke into a smile too and as we looked each other in the eye, for a brief moment we seemed connected somehow.

I raised the bag towards him not sure if he will take it.  He took it and peered into it. It was my opportunity to move on.  There was nothing to say and no words were needed or even necessary. On the way back from the post office I passed the bus stand. He had gone and the plastic bag with him. That is good, at least he understood my intention.

And in his own way, he is perfectly happy. No pressure, no responsibilities. Sleep when he is tired, eat when some kind soul gives him food. He does not have to worry about how to pay the next housing installment or the various monthly bills that arrives in the mail.

Part of me envy him. He may have nothing but he has more freedom than me. Every morning from Monday to Friday I have to get up at 7:00 AM and go to work. I normally reach home around 7:30 PM, that is a good 12 hours gone. If I stop working, the bank will take my house and I will end up on the street too. Working to pay others is what most of us sane people seem to be doing.

Maybe I and people like me are the real  crazy men.


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