Friday, June 10, 2011

Tough choices

I first read this last year and I'm linking it again for those who had missed it. It really is a sobering reflection from our inactive IM. Unfortunately Li Tian seems to be taking the same route as Zi Jing.

From Quah Seng Sun's blog


John Wong said...

Personally, Malaysia needs more people like Zi Jing than a GM.

Chess gives the discipline, the mental tenacity to encourage growth of any endearvour. Going after the title of IM or GM serves little relevance in countries like Singapore or Malaysia where the emphasis is on economic success.

Let's just say we are not in the right region to pursue it as a viable option as yet. What's more important, we should build the chess culture amongst the populace like they do in Indonesia and Philippines. Encourage chess playing amongst the people. Have a chess set in every home. Perhaps then, we may have the supporting infrastructure to have big chess dreams

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