Thursday, May 19, 2011

Candidates Final begins

The Candidates Final between Boris Gelfand and Alexander Grischuk has just started. It kind of just hit me. One of these guys will be playing a World Championship match with Anand next year. And with all due respect to both of them...what??? Anand - Gelfand or Anand - Grischuk for the world champion title? How many of you think they are able to dethrone Anand?

My opinion is Anand will destroy either of them.  Will there even be any sponsors for such a match?

I think Anand will be very relieved he does not have to face more dangerous contenders such as Aronian, Topalov or even Kramnik.


abdooss said...

Now is 3:30pm in KL, Kazan is 11:30am ! 4 hours behind us!

Your arguments about Anand crushing them (Gelfand / Grischuk) are the same ones causing Kasparov-Shirov to be abandoned! Not fair to Shirov !

Jimmy Liew said...

I dont think my little blog can cause someone to lose a title shot :)

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