Friday, May 20, 2011

Asian Youth, Subic Bay

Thanks to this site , we can see the standings of our participants. And it does not look good. Seven rounds have been played and two more to go. Let me highlight for you.

One player has 4.5 points and that is Teh De Zen. This is a name I have been seeing a lot of and all of it is good. She is in fourth place in the Girls Under-10. She is one full point behind the three players above her. Besides she has already met all of them securing only one draw. All the three leaders have also played each other. Therefore it is extremely unlikely she will manage to overtake any of them and  win a top three placing.

I do not doubt she is a talent. I just wondor if in a couple of years she will follow the same path of our other young talents or will she be the exception? Talents need nurturing, who if anyone is helping her? Anyone in MCF reading this or are they still asleep?

There are six Malaysians with four points, Tan Yong Zhao (Open Under-12), Teh De Juan and
Wong Yinn Long (Open Under-10), Tan Jun Ying (Open Under-8), Nithyalakshmi Sivanesan (Girls Under-12) , Teh Ming Min (Girls Under-10).
It might seem that they are doing alright. In reality they are unable to match the top players in their respective groups, there is a very big difference in strength.

Again I might sound like a broken record, but MCF should start doing something for the juniors. Just beating Singapore in an annual match is really no big deal.


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