Sunday, April 17, 2011

Email from Lim Zhuo Ren

He requested that I publish this:

I have a problem with a post in He has written a post stating that NM LZR and Sumant have enrolled under FGM on Wednesday, 13th April. I have sent him an email regarding the matter. I have also posted a comment there under my google account twice, hoping to clarify things  but the comments were deleted each time. I hope you can do me a big big favour by posting my comment on your blog. I know that you and him are not exactly on speaking terms and I know that by posting this, you will be attacked and haranged. For this reason, I would like to apologise beforehand if you get attacked. I'm Sorry. And thank you for your time.

The comment is as follows:

I have sent Raymond Siew an email regarding his recent postings about me on his post I have also commented on the post but the comments were deleted. I want to clarify matters with everyone else involved in Malaysia Chess who may care to know. So here is the simplified version of the email

1.       Why I enrolled – mainly to HELP YOU, Mr. Siew to get sponsors to help Malaysia Chess
-          My name could be used to add weight to your proposals to corporate firms and increase the chances of you getting sponsors to get GM training for our players, organize tournaments like Malaysia Open and get educational scholarship from Taylors University

2.       What I didn’t enroll for- NOT to be your student and NOT to promote your blog or ‘methods’
-          Under IM Mok, I have been doing quite well and my parents and I would like to continue with him. His ‘Method’ works for me so there is no reason to change

3.        USING MY NAME to promote your ‘Method’ and blog
-          I do not wish my name to be used to promote your blog especially since I am not your student. I thought by helping you, I could help Malaysia chess as a whole.

4.       Effect of your Actions- Fear in my Mind and Not being able to focus on Selection
-          By posting my name on your blog, it has caused me a lot of mental stress because a lot of people have questioned me. I can’t handle that and I did not play chess to make enemies. I do not want to be hated by a majority of the chess community, I’m still a teenager and this is the kind of thing that can make people lose interest or quit.

5.       My Demands-NOT ASSOCIATED with FGM ACADEMY in any way

6.      What I want to clarify to everyone involved in chess
-          IF I QUALIFY for SEA GAMES, it is ONLY because of my parents’ support, IM Mok Tze Meng’s guidance, effort, my own skills and some luck as well as help from other people over the years, the same reasons I won NC 2011.
-          IF I DO NOT QUALIFY for SEA GAMES, then it is because I am not good enough yet and didn’t put in enough effort, no other reasons.

7.       Comments on your blog
-          Please do not delete the comment

What I want to say is that I am NOT a product of FGM or FGM methods (See 2 & 5). That is not to say I am against your methods. IM Mok has known my family and me since I was in primary school. I would like to cast away all doubts on this matter by saying I am IM Mok’s student (See 2). I tried to help you so please don’t take advantage of me by posting my name (See 1, 3). If you feel like I have wronged you, (See 4). And I am sorry about doing this. Thank you for everything.


Anonymous said...

raymond is a very dangerous person. don't support raymond and let him rot in a corner. anyone associated with him, is also considered to be working with the devil. boycott FGM THEMATIC CHESS (10.20.30.) APRIL 2011.

John Wong said...

Indeed pathetic to have Zhuo Ren resort to this means to clear his name. I hope Sumant wakes up. Tehy should know by now that there is no miracle method or magic pill that can help them attain mastership. Simply hard work, practice and more hard work.

Those who profess that they do should be exposed and rightly exorcised.

Thought said...

Wow. Now Raymond has managed to find trouble with both seniors AND 'his' juniors.

Yeoh said...

Hi Zhuo Ren

1. You are not wrong. so need not to have any fear. Hope you can learn to overcome this within short period and play well in your selection.

2.Respect your positive attitude in para (6).

3. Wish you all the best.


Ilham said...

Don't let this whole episode to distract you from giving/playing your best. All the best for you in SEA Game Selection.


Rationality said...

His lies grow increasingly blatant with each post. Now he says that Zhuo Ren's posts were not deleted but instead never got through due to a cyber glitch. That would be plausible if:

1. He had never deleted comments from people who disagree with him before.

2. Everyone was as IT-illiterate as him.

It does seem so convenient to blame it on software problems...when I don't see any other blog in the world mentioning such problems.

We should check his claim by consulting an IT guy. Or perhaps we can ask MCMC!

Marcus Yeoh said...

Hi Zhuo Ren,

1) Do concentrate on your SEA games selection and achieve your dreams! Don't let this matter disturb or distract you. Success in the competition built in years and not just a snap of fingers and it takes lots of sacrifices. Don't waste your effort & make your parents & Mok proud of you!

2) Furthermore concentrate on your studies in college. Do what you feel you like & love to do in life!



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