Sunday, April 17, 2011

2011 Thailand Open, All leaders win, three way tie for first

All three leaders won the final round to end in a three way tie for first. I'm a bit surprised how easily they won their games. Very anti-climatic as there was totally no opposition.

Niaz Murshed was down a pawn in a R+B v R+B ending.  He has a very weak pawn on e5.  It certainly will not be clear to some observers that white is lost. He resigned. Vallejo is a very strong grandmaster for sure, but I'll like to see a few more moves.

Indian grandmaster Kunte Abhijit look like a 2200 player against Nigel Short. He dropped a pawn as early as the tenth move and another on move twenty-three (though he was already lost and may be just trying to complicate things).  Short finished with some nice tactical play.

 Kjetil  Stokke also started dropping pawns against Jan Gustafsson. Were all of them in awe of their highly rated opponents.


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